Monthly Partnership

{Seeds of Hope}

is several people joining together to accomplish a task or meet a need that is greater than what they could do on their own. 
We are so thankful for our monthly partners. Without you this ministry would not be possible.
We love to stay connected to our monthly partners and therefore every partner, regardless of the partnership level will receive a quarterly newsletter from us. Your financial seed is one that will bear sustaining fruit in this generation and produce a rich harvest for the generations to come.
Legacy begins with one seed! 
*make sure to choose, "Setup Automated Giving"

Individual Monthly Partnership Program  

$30 bronze
$50 silver
*Both silver and bronze partners will receive our quarterly newsletter
$75 gold
$100 diamond
$200 platinum
*Our gold,  diamond & platinum partners will not only receive our quarterly newsletter but will also receive a branded coffee mug, as well as special discounts to events!

Corporate Monthly Partnership Program

$250 bronze
$500 silver
$1,000 gold
*Both bronze, silver and gold monthly partners receive our quarterly newsletter, branded coffee mug & t-shirt and are added to our prayer wall.
$2,000 diamond
$5,000 platinum
*Our diamond and platinum sponsors receive all of the above but are also listed on our corporate sponsorship recognition page and receive special complimentary invites to our retreats. We list our diamond and platinum sponsors on various material we distribute. Each newsletter we will highlight a corporate sponsor that goes out to all of our sponsors and social media outlets. At various events, our corporate sponsors are recognized.
*Hope Farms is a ministry of the Summit Edmonton Church